Troubleshooting Guide for EE Broadband Slow Speeds

Troubleshoot slow speeds with EE broadband. Discover possible causes for slow speeds, check your router's capability, and improve WiFi signals. Learn about EE's speed and WiFi guarantees that protect you in case of broadband failure.

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Last updated on Monday, July 31, 2023


EE broadband slow speeds guide

Troubleshooting Guide for EE Broadband Slow Speeds

EE broadband's slow speeds can be due to a variety of factors. These can include network congestion during peak hours, physical obstructions that interfere with your WiFi signal, the distance of your device from the router, or technical issues with your devices or the broadband line itself. We'll guide you step-by-step in pinpointing the source of the problem and provide solutions to resolve it.

Are you Experiencing Slow Speeds on Wireless or Wired Devices?

Is your EE internet speed very slow? Identifying whether your slow speeds are occurring on wireless, hardwired, or both devices is essential to determining the cause of your slow speeds. Slow speeds on wired devices are often the most common and arguably the easiest to fix. 

Whereas if it's the slow speeds with wireless devices, the issue might be the WiFi signal. This could be due to where your router is located or something in your house is blocking the signal.

If you're experiencing EE slow internet speed on wireless and wired devices, please go to our troubleshooting section for both devices.

Knowing the Estimated Speeds of your EE Broadband

When you signed up for your broadband service, EE gave you an estimated speed range. They based this estimate on things like the quality of your connection, how far you are from the exchange, and how busy the network is. But remember, these are just estimates, so your actual speed might be slightly different. If you've forgotten what your estimated speeds are, don't worry! You can contact EE, and they'll be happy to remind you.

Troubleshooting EE Broadband Slow Speeds on Wireless Devices

If all your wireless devices are slow, the issue is likely with your network. If only one device is slow, the problem might be with that specific device. In this case, try updating the device's software or resetting its network settings.

Troubleshooting EE Broadband Slow Speeds on Wired Devices

Check your Ethernet cables for any damage if your wired devices are experiencing slow broadband speeds. Try resetting your router and see if this improves the speed. If you still need to, you may need to update your device's network drivers or contact EE Customer Service for further assistance.

If you're still experiencing slow speeds, it's time to contact EE. At this point, it's very common that something out of your control is causing you the problem. That could be the router, your master socket or even the physical broadband line.

Is Your Router Capable of Keeping Pace with Your Broadband Connection?

If you have a high-speed broadband connection but an old or primary router, your router might need help to deliver your broadband's full speeds to your devices. In this case, it might be worth investing in a new, more powerful router.

Slow Internet Speeds in Every Room?

The closer you are to the source of your WiFi connection, the stronger your signal will be, resulting in a faster and more reliable connection. By performing a speed test in various locations around your home, you'll understand if your slow speeds are isolated to certain areas in your home.

This can be a common problem for larger homes or homes with solid walls where the WiFi connection struggles to penetrate them. Often the best solution is to strategically place WiFi extenders to 'boost' your WiFi connection to those hard-to-reach areas.

If you're experiencing slow speeds across your home, there are other things you can try.

Reducing interference

Electronic devices and appliances around your home can interfere with your WiFi signal, including microwaves, cordless phones, and even your neighbours' WiFi networks. Reducing this could improve your WiFi speed. Try moving your router away from these devices.

Change WiFi channel

Routers can operate on several channels. Too many routers using the same channel can cause congestion and slow down your internet. Changing your WiFi channel can help you avoid this congestion. This usually involves accessing your router's settings through a web browser.

Power Cycle Router

Power cycling your router means turning it off, waiting a little while, and then turning it back on. This often helps resolve issues by allowing your router to clear its memory and reset any processes that may have become stuck.

Contact EE

  • Phone: You can call EE's customer service directly. The contact number for Customer service is 8 am - 6 pm (Monday to Sunday). EE customers can dial 150 or From the UK, call 07953 966 250. They have a team of trained professionals ready to help troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing.

  • Live Chat: EE's live chat is an excellent option if you prefer typing. Live chat is also available 8 am-8 pm (Monday to Sunday). Press the yellow "Chat with us "button on their website; it connects you with a customer service representative in real-time.

EE Broadband Speed Guarantee and WiFi Guarantee

What is a wifi guarantee or speed guarantee?

A speed guarantee is a promise your broadband provider makes about the minimum internet speed you'll receive. It's like their commitment to you that your connection will always stay within a certain speed. If your internet speed drops below this guaranteed minimum and the provider can't fix the issue within a specific time frame, usually 30 days, you'll often have the right to exit your contract without penalty.

EE Broadband Speed Guarantee

EE Broadband's speed guarantee is a commitment to their customers that they will receive an EE minimum guaranteed speed as part of their broadband package. This minimum speed is usually specified when you sign up for a broadband package and is typically included in your contract. 

If your broadband speed consistently falls below this EE minimum guaranteed speed level, EE has a process to address the issue. They will first attempt to resolve the problem and improve your speed. If they cannot do so, and your speed continues to fall below the guaranteed minimum, you may have the right to exit your contract without any penalties, depending on the terms of your agreement.

EE Broadband WiFi Guarantee

The same goes if something is wrong with your WiFi; EE’s complete wifi guarantee will boost your 4G WiFi with an extra 250GB of data until they get it fixed. This means that even if your broadband doesn't work, you can still surf, stream, and download on your devices using this extra 4G data. It's like having a backup plan to keep you online until your broadband returns to normal.

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