About Us


Who is Savely?

Savely was founded in 2021 by our 3 founders with more than 30 years combined telecommunications experience. Our mission is to offer free, accessible expert broadband advice and save our users money.

We list a wide range of broadband deals available across the UK. Our offers are always kept up-to-date, and our providers are regularly reviewed for their quality and customer service. We will not feature a provider on our site if we feel their quality and service do not meet our customer's needs.

We are independent of any providers you will find in our comparison tables. By default, our recommended algorithm orders our results, which considers multiple signals to decide its order based on what offers we think provide the best deal to you, our customer. If you’d prefer, you can customise our tables however you wish to see deals ordered by other metrics more suited to you.

We strongly believe in access to free, independent, and expert broadband advice. So no matter if you're ready to switch or you're still in contract for another 2 years, you can contact us with any broadband-related questions. See how you can get in touch with us.